Epson 3LCD Projectors are a Top Choice

by CCSSouthwest on November 19, 2014

Did you know, Epson is the top selling projector brand in the U.S and worldwide? With a heavy focus on research and development, Epson continues to be a leader in pioneering innovative technology of the highest quality. It is no surprise that a nationwide study by Radius Global Market Research found that 9 out of 10 people prefer images from Epson 3LCD projectors.

epsonEpson 3LCD projectors are based on a technology that utilizes 3 chips to send light continuously (not sequentially). So, all colors are available all the time. The result is 3x higher color brightness, system efficiency and true-to-life color accuracy. This technology also provides cost saving advantages due to low wattage lamps, 25% lower energy consumption and dust reducing filters that protect your investment.

CCS Presentation Systems is proud to partner with Epson. We specialize in high quality projection, display and leading edge technology solutions to meet the needs of any business or educational entities. Our audio-visual specialists can help with product, design, installation and service. Contact our southwest headquarters in Scottsdale at 480-348-0100 to speak with one of our specialists and visit our website today.


Why Do I Need Projector Maintenance?

by CCSSouthwest on November 12, 2014

The infrared energy released by your projector’s lamp deteriorates the optical coatings that ultimately create the colors in your projected image. Dust in the light path has a direct effect on the image color, as well as the indirect effect of retaining heat against the LCD’s and polarizers, thereby shortening their life.

blog2 Projector MainA dirty projector first shows itself as a magenta colored cloudiness in what should be a white background. If your lens has enough focal range, you can shift the focus away from the front of the prism (your projected image) back to the surface of the LCD’s themselves. The actual particles of dust can then be seen, and their location can be determined by their color. Magenta specs are contamination on the green LCD, yellow ones are on the blue LCD, and blue ones are on the red LCD. The magenta color shows most to the human eye due to our eyes being most sensitive to green light.

Effective cleaning of these surfaces cannot be done without opening the projector, and should not be done by persons who are not trained to handle them, as they are easily damaged.

The Effects of Dust and Other Contaminants in the Projector:

  • The intake filter; Dust reduces the airflow and defeats the cooling fan, speeding the aging of optical components.
  • The LCD’s and Polarizers; Contaminants block light in a single color channel, changing the color output by the projector, resulting mostly in magenta clouds in your image. Long term exposure to these optical elements will result in permanent discoloration that is usually too expensive to repair.
  • The rear of the projection lens; Dust accumulating here will result in a brownish-yellow hue in the projected image.
  • The remainder of the projector light path, including the lamp itself; As dust builds up in these areas, overall brightness and image contrast ratio are reduced, producing a dull unfocused looking image.

The CCS Service Department can help you protect your investment. We are a factory authorized warranty repair center for NEC, Epson, Hitachi and Mitsubishi projectors. We are also a factory warranty service center for NEC and Samsung commercial displays. We can repair most other manufacturer’s projectors and displays that are out of manufacturers warranty. Call us for a quote, you can bring it in or we can come to you.



SMART Training just got easier & more Affordable

by CCSSouthwest November 5, 2014

Do you want to experience live training from SMART Certified Education Consultants at a fraction of the cost of flying instructors in for the day? Then CCS Live Remote Training is for you! What is CCS Live Remote Training—LRT? The award-winning CCS Training Department provides live two-hour interactive training sessions from our headquarters in Arizona. […]

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CCS Announces Exclusive Resale Agreement With Safari Montage in Arizona and New Mexico

by CCSSouthwest October 30, 2014

CCS Presentation Systems, one of the largest systems integration firms in the U.S., announced today that it has received an agreement with SAFARI Montage to be the exclusive reseller of their digital learning platform to schools across Arizona and New Mexico. The SAFARI Montage platform consists of a Video Streaming Library, Learning Object Repository, Digital […]

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Chief Ceiling Mounts Solve Installation Challenges

by CCSSouthwest October 29, 2014

For commercial AV installation solutions, Chief is a worldwide industry leader with over 35 years of proven product and service excellence, product awards and patent designs. CCS has been a long time value-added partner of Chief Manufacturing. Now, we are proud to have Chief as one of our Platinum Sponsors for our new CCS Build […]

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CCS Presentation Systems Provides Excellent Audio Visual Services

by CCSSouthwest October 22, 2014

CCS’ approach to managing and maintaining customer satisfaction is to provide pro-active pre-scheduled, preventative service calls, onsite support visits and customer satisfaction review meetings. Solid system designs and implementation, along with strategic and thorough post-installation communication are a necessity for true customer satisfaction. When there is an issue with equipment, CCS’ factory-trained and certified technicians […]

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CCS Online Training Center

by CCSSouthwest October 17, 2014

CCS Anytime offers a wide range of highly interactive courses that you can take entirely over the Internet. All of the courses include expert instructors, many of whom are nationally known authors. Our online courses are affordable, fun, fast, convenient, and geared just for you. Whether you would like to take an Accounting and Finance […]

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Christie LED Video Wall Launched at INFOCOMM 2014 Wins Industry Awards

by CCSSouthwest September 23, 2014

Christie, the CCS Presentation Systems manufacturing partner and global leader in top audio-visual solutions, continues its dominance in industry wins. The leader in visual displays and audio technologies won three Best of InfoComm 2014 honors by rAVe Publications, an industry magazine. Christie’s AV products at InfoComm were a smash hit with many of the attendees. […]

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CCS Nabs Top Hotel Integrator Spot for the 2nd Straight Year

by CCSNewEngland August 15, 2014

Automation in hotels is a major priority for hotel management companies, and no one knows that more than CCS Presentation Systems, which once again scored the #1 integrator spot in the hotel market, as ranked by Commercial Integrator Magazine.  As hotels become more multi-use and automated with digital signage and entertainment options, the integration market […]

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CCS CEO Helps With Firsthand Installation of Projectors at AZ schools

by CCSSouthwest August 12, 2014

CCS Presentation Systems’ CEO recently took part in helping to set up new projectors in schools at Scottsdale Unified School District. The schools are readying for the new classes of students starting on Monday August 12.   In the pics seen here, our CCS CEO John Godbout is helping install projectors alongside his tech crew. […]

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