Schools and businesses should take a close look at the new lineup of wireless digital LED displays introduced recently by Panasonic.

Panasonic’s fully interactive LED digital displays are under the LFB70 series banner. The new series of displays showcase amazing visual clarity, come in three sizes (50”, 65” and 80”), and are packed with state of the art features like wireless connectivity, multi-touch screens and more.Panasonic_touch_screen_CCS

Users of the LED digital displays can utilize a finger or a stylus pen to activate the six touch points on the screen. In addition, users can save whiteboard pages of text and data, and email them directly from the display to any user’s smartphone. This delivery can be done without the need to install any software, or connect the displays to a PC or other computer device.

Panasonic’s LFB70 series features high speed wireless transmission of content through Miracast software.  Typical content like full HD video files can be sent from mobile, PC and tablet devices to the Panasonic displays. This is ideal for corporate users who might have a presentation or a brief to present, but it resides on a user’s smartphone or tablet. Transfer of materials is easy and works seamlessly with the LFB70 digital displays.

Panasonic is riding a tremendous wave of innovation. Between the new LED displays from Panasonic and its amazing HD camcorders that were showcased in June at CCS headquarters, the company is taking the lead in high quality audio-visual solutions across the spectrum of digital equipment.

Your school or business needs to take a new look at the range of digital technology that can transform your operations and communications. Contact CCS Presentation Systems for full-service integration of all your audio-visual equipment and integration. We work with manufacturers like Panasonic, Epson, Christie, NEC and others to showcase LCD & plasma displays, digital projectors, interactive whiteboards, room control systems, high definition videoconferencing systems and more. CCS is one of the largest A/V integrators in the U.S. with more than 300 employees, sales offices in 13 states and annual revenue in excess of $115 million. For more information about CCS, visit


5 Benefits of Commercial Grade Digital Signage

by CCSCentralStates on July 22, 2014

As digital signage becomes more popular with schools, businesses, restaurants/bars, and other venues, some business operators are looking to shave costs on equipment, installation and overall usage. As prices of consumer use digital displays aimed at homeowners continue to drop, some business owners are opting in and choosing these displays for their business and commercial use. And overall, that’s a bad idea.

Digital displays aimed at consumers are not built for the constant use these devices get in restaurants, casinos and other entertainment venues. Once these consumer displays reach the six-month mark, signs of wear and tear of overuse start to appear. These owners then see that they lost money on the low-end digital signage units. Educating these operators on the benefits of commercial grade digital signage vs. consumer displays can help them to make a more informed decision about their audio visual solutions.

Benefits of Using Commercial Grade Digital Signage

Most commercial grade digital displays are large-format LCD screens that are built for viewing from a distance anywhere from 10-20 feet away. You see examples of these in bars, restaurants, casinos, schools, corporate lobbies, sports stadiums and entertainment venues. The benefits of using commercial grade digital signage in these instances are:


  1. Major digital signage manufacturers like NEC, Samsung, Panasonic, LG, and others build these commercial-grade panels specifically for longer use operations. These screens are intended to be on for 10, 12, 16 hours a day in some businesses. These commercial grade displays will by far outlast the consumer versions you’ll find at big box stores.
  2. Commercial grade displays are visually brighter and sharper looking than their consumer alternatives. This is because the commercial grade screens are manufactured for specific levels of brightness as a standard. Extra modules with backlights are used to better show sharper, more intense images, even in bright light of day.
  3. Extra features are built into commercial grade digital signage units and their integration systems. These features can include customized software to let business operators sell and show local ads or special promotions to their audience. Image sensors are also part of the feature packages that aren’t in consumer displays. Rather, commercial displays can utilize facets of gestures, movement or touch screen technology for better engagement with viewers.
  4. Commercial grade digital signage units are built for rigorous use, far more than your normal consumer screen. Because of this, commercial grade displays won’t fade or burn from overuse in a few month’s time. Simply put, consumer TV displays do not measure up when it comes to always-on use in public business settings. Because of their limitations, the consumer models do not offer the intended ROI for the business user.
  5. Lastly, the key benefit for the operator in using commercial grade displays is the service and support it gets from its reseller team. If a bar owner goes out and buys 3-5 consumer displays for his business at retail, the service and support will not be available when these units start to crash and burn. Only using commercial grade reseller companies like CCS Presentation Systems can a business get help when needed for its commercial grade digital displays.

If your company or organization is looking for a new commercial grade digital signage setup, contact the pros at CCS Presentation Systems. We can show you how using great equipment at the start will pay off with a greater ROI in the end.


Chief Video Wall Mounts Highlight Ease of Use

by CCSMidwest July 17, 2014

Clients from schools to restaurant chains are increasingly using mounting solutions for video wall displays. Chief Manufacturing, a partner with CCS Presentation Systems on digital signage mounts, has several solutions that are useful to schools, casinos, restaurants, entertainment venues, and corporate offices. The growth of digital signage has been a boon to the rise in […]

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Video Walls – Casino Arizona at Salt River – Case Study

by CCSSouthwest July 10, 2014

Casino Arizona is one of some 20-plus casinos operating in Arizona, and it’s one of 22 Indian tribal casinos in the state. The latest numbers available for revenue at Arizona’s 22 tribal casinos show that revenues grew by about $50 million to $1.8 billion in 2012, from almost $1.75 billion in 2011. So it’s big […]

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New LED Video Wall Tiles Launched by Christie

by CCSColorado July 8, 2014

Christie, the CCS Presentation Systems manufacturing partner and global leader in top audio-visual solutions, introduced the Christie Velvet high-resolution video tile at INFOCOMM 2014. These indoor LED panels are available to customers in retail, museums, company lobbies, casinos and multi-use entertainment venues can find optimum applications for the Christie Velvet line of LED panels. Customers […]

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SMART Launches New Real-Time Digital Capture Board at InfoComm 2014

by CCSNewEngland July 3, 2014

InfoComm 2014 brought all types of new advancements in digital signage and audio-video solutions from our CCS manufacturing partners, like Christie, Epson and SMART. And included in these innovations is SMART Technologies’ new SMART kapp™ Digital Capture Board, introduced during InfoComm in Las Vegas. SMART hopes that its new board will take dry-erase boards out of […]

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Panasonic Products in Major Showcase at CCS Presentation Systems HQ

by CCSSouthwest July 1, 2014

Heralding the ‘best camera we’ve ever made’, Panasonic representatives recently showcased their amazing new cameras, switching units and projectors for a crowd of prospects and customers in Scottsdale, AZ at the CCS Presentations Systems HQ. Attendees were able to see new products like the incredible AJ-PX5000G, Panasonic’s first P2 HD camcorder with AVC-ULTRA recording and […]

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New 4K UHD Commercial Displays Available from Samsung Electronics

by CCSCalifornia June 26, 2014

There has been more exciting news coming out of InfoComm 2014 from our CCS manufacturing partner Samsung Electronics. The company announced the launch of its new QMD Series which brings 4K content to state-of-the-art UHD commercial displays. The QMD series promises to deliver an amazingly brilliant visual impact, while furthering the growth of 4K content […]

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Digital K12 Classroom Solutions at InfoComm 2014

by CCSNevada June 24, 2014

Among the many exciting innovations seen at the recent INFOCOMM 2014 in Las Vegas are the K12 classroom-based audio-visual solutions. Essentially, all the moves going forward are about interactivity. K12 classroom educators know that without classroom interactivity, it’s hard to keep kids’ driven and motivated. It’s urgent for classroom educators to know how to engage […]

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Christie launches Visual Mapping Book of Transformations

by CCSSoutheast June 17, 2014

Christie has upped the ante again for leaders in the audio-visual space with its launch of a new visual mapping experience called The Book of Transformations. This coffee table-styled book not only shows Christie’s partners and vendors (like CCS Presentation Systems), what’s possible in the world of modern projection technologies, but highlights some of the […]

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