Christie Digital does Projection Mapping

by CCSSouthwest on April 20, 2015

Projection mapping is an exciting and growing creative medium that involves projecting static or animated digital media onto just about any conceivable surface. The technique uses video projectors and specialized software to warp and edge blend projected images so they fit perfectly on complex and often irregularly shaped surfaces, such as buildings, landmarks, monuments, ancient ruins, natural landscapes, water and glass. Projection mapping can be used for advertising, publicity, live concerts, theater, or trade show presentations. It creates a jaw dropping wow factor and memorable experience for any audience.

CD aprilAround the world, projection mapping projects are using Christie Digital technology and solutions. Christie’s Roadie 4K45 is the industry’s brightest lamp illuminated projector, boasting 45,000 lumens, to bring any building to life for any live event. Part of the 3 chip DLP projector series, these projectors use light more efficiently, resulting in brightness uniformity throughout the image and life of the projector. Within the line, Christie offers a wide choice of resolutions and brightness levels, giving superior projection performance for any light conditions or venue size.

Christie offers a unique projection mapping software called Christie Twist to create what’s called a warp mesh, a 3D mesh that matches the physical shape of the screen. This allows the end user to expertly edge blend multiple curved images seamlessly to any projection surface. The software makes it easy to align the virtual content and the physical objects for a spectacular effect.

Christie Digital’s projection and display solutions capture the attention of audiences around the world with the most exciting projection mapping projects. CCS Presentation Systems can help you get started on your next project. Contact our southwest headquarters in Scottsdale at 480-348-0100 to speak with one of our specialists and visit our website, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter pages.


SAFE System Keeps Students Safe

by CCSSouthwest on April 8, 2015

School districts have a duty to provide children with a safe, secure and peaceful environment in which learning can occur. But, unfortunately, school safety is an ever growing concern for our teachers and children. At the gateways of our schools, it is becoming more common to see metal detectors and security guards. Schools have implemented safety plans and prevention programs. But, even with these precautions, safety concerns still exist. Audio Enhancement developed the SAFE System to address safety situations that occur in the classroom.

educamThe SAFE System is an alert notification system designed to work with Audio Enhancement’s classroom amplification systems. Using the built-in alert button on the transmitter, a teacher wearing the pendant microphone can discreetly send a signal for help. An entire network is immediately alerted to respond promptly and appropriately to any situation.

We can’t predict the array of medical and injury-related emergencies (asthma attacks, diabetic crises, epileptic seizures, sudden cardiac death, chemical exposures) that can occur in students and staff at school. And regardless of the severity, all medical incidents need immediate and appropriate response.

Bullying has become a national concern. Not only do we see students threatening each other, but, we see them threatening and attacking teachers. Teachers and administrators have a need to monitor, intervene and correct such behavior before it leads to tragic circumstances.

Fighting such as pushing, shoving and name-calling can escalate into violent situations that affect more than the perpetrators and victims. School personnel need the ability to step in before things get serious and students get seriously hurt.

Weapons brought into the school present the most extreme emergency. These situations are unpredictable as there is no reliable or accurate profile of “the school shooter.” Having an informed staff that can instantly summon authorities is key to the best outcome possible.

Every day, teachers bring every tool at their disposal to help their students learn. Now, Audio Enhancement’s SAFE System brings them the tools to keep their students safe. CCS Presentation Systems specializes in providing innovative technological solutions to educational entities. Contact CCS in Scottsdale at 480-348-0100 to speak with one of our specialists and visit our website, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter pages.


Chief Solves Video Wall Installation Challenges

by CCSSouthwest March 30, 2015

It’s always Chief Manufacturing’s mission to bring products to market that can solve installation challenges.  The engineers at Chief gathered information from installers of large video walls to understand the challenges they encountered.  Some of the common challenges were described to be more complicated when… walls are not perfectly straight small imperfections get multiplied over […]

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For Video Conferencing, LifeSize has Advantages

by CCSSouthwest March 19, 2015

In today’s globalized business environment, the need to build strong relationships with partners, suppliers, internal teams, investors and customers is more important than ever.  High quality video conferencing solutions enable you to communicate as effectively as actually being there in person, helping you to build the engaging relationships needed for success in business. But, there […]

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BrightLink makes Interactive Collaboration Simple

by CCSSouthwest March 10, 2015

From the classroom to the boardroom, interactive projectors are becoming the popular, cost-effective and flexible solution to interactive collaboration. The Epson BrightLink Pro leverages technology that integrates a digital projector to display an image onto any flat surface, and allow users to interact via fingertip or stylus pen. BrightLink does not require the use of […]

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Customize Video Wall Display with Christie Digital

by CCSSouthwest March 2, 2015

Christie Digital MicroTiles are an innovative solution for digital video wall displays, that provide total design freedom to fit any commercial or public space. The modular design provides flexibility, to create a digital display in any size and shape, with the potential for unlimited numbers of tiles. The display tiles incorporate the strengths of DLP […]

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Learning Begins with Hearing

by CCSSouthwest February 18, 2015

Learning begins with hearing. That’s the idea that motivated Claudia Anderson, a mother of two hearing impaired children, to found the company Audio Enhancement Inc. Her mission was to provide hearing impaired children with the best education possible. And, now Audio Enhancement Inc. is the leading developer of audio systems benefitting students, teachers and administrators. […]

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Face to Face Meetings Any Time and Any Place

by CCSSouthwest February 4, 2015

Some of the most innovative companies are finding that their best ideas and collaboration are not always created in the office. The workplace is changing as new technologies are arriving. Today, so much of our workforce is mobile, working from home, on the road, meeting in coffee shops and everywhere in between. And, businesses can […]

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Control your Viewing Angles with Chief

by CCSSouthwest January 27, 2015

When it comes to choosing the right mount for your flat panel display, there are a lot of designs to choose from, with varying styles and features. CCS Presentation Systems is selective in our manufacturer partner relationships and can help you make the right choice to meet your specific needs. Our partner, Chief is a […]

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Planning A New Conference Room?

by CCSSouthwest January 14, 2015

CCS can help design video conferencing systems and control systems to help your corporation or school administration office.   Whether you need simple accessories or complete design and integration services, CCS Presentation Systems can help assist your organization with leading-edge digital solutions for all your audio and video needs. CCS Presentations Systems is a turnkey provider […]

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